Community Health Resilience

Bay Area Community Health Resilience Forum
—BACRDR brought together public health and healthcare, social and human services, and other practitioners and experts to share information on health resilience threats and consequences, current projects, and lay the groundwork for a collaborative initiative to improve community health resilience.

Roundtable on Improving Geriatric Resilience in the Bay Area—BACRDR convened practitioners and experts to discuss all-hazards health resilience issues facing older adults; illuminate and examine priority issues, challenges, and gaps; and identify potential future actions and resources required to build on existing capabilities, programs, and activities to address these needs.

Bay Area Community Health Resilience Exercise Series and Action-Planning Project—BACRDR has been working with the California Department of Public Health Environmental Health Laboratory in collaboration with healthcare organizations, state and local government agencies, businesses, and non-profit social and human service providers to use regional exercises to improve response and broader resilience with focus on hazmat threats and incidents.

National Community Health Resilience Initiative Guide and Toolset—BACRDR is assisting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Health Affairs and a stakeholder group of more than 100 practitioners and experts from across the nation to develop a community health resilience Toolset of guidance and other resources for the broad range of users involved in all facets of healthcare, public health, and community resilience.